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  • Super Deluxe Power 5mm LED
    This new series of 5mm Super Deluxe Power LED, which is a 5mm through-hole middle power diode featuring high brightness combined with special design that is suitable for all kinds of lighting applications such as general illumination, flash, traffic signal, advertising boards, automotive etc. The thermal pad of th  
  • 5mm High Lumen LED
    This new series of 5mm High Lumen LED, which gives rich beam pattern and delivers high lumen flux (up to 10 lm) for a viewing angle of 15deg, it’s ideal for using on Advertising Board, Horticulture Application, Beauty Product and Traffic Light / Signal Light etc.     
  • Ice Blue LEDs
  • Ultra Thin Circle LED Module
    This latest Ultra Thin Circle LED Module is extremely thin (The 0.6mm PCB height is thinner than a coin!) and super light (0.46g only), which gives very high lumen output (up to 288 lm / 1.5W). It’s perfect for small space lighting applications, there are three PCB sizes for your choice.  Multiple color option  
  • Flashing 0805 Chip LED
    This flashing 0805 chip LED has very small package and is available in all colors, which provides a frequency of 1.5Hz.      
  • Bendable RGB LED Mini String
    This bendable RGB LED mini string is enamelled copper wire, you can create different shapes by yourself. It’s available in 4.5V and 12V operation.   
  • Ultra Thin Cuttable Rigid LED Bar
    This ultra thin cuttable rigid LED bar is extremely thin, only 1000mm(L) x 3mm(W) x 1mm(T) and it can be cut at every 3 LEDs, you can cut to the length as you wish at the cut line.  It has high lumen output and is perfect for narrow space lighting applications. There are 3014 SMD and 2835 SMD for your optio  
  • Current Regulative LED
    Current Regulative LED (CRLED) which supplies constant current to keep LED intensity consistency even when power supply voltage fluctuations or load impedance fluctuations occur. CRLED is used with current stabilization and current limiting.   
  • Current Regulative Diode(TO92)
    CRD is a diode which supplies constant current to an electric circuit, when power supply voltage fluctuations or load impedance fluctuations occur. CRD is used for current stabilization and current limiting.   
  • Voltage Detector LED
    This latest Voltage Detector LED is designed for detecting the voltage at the specified value, the detector voltages are available in : 2.7V; 2.9V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 3.9V; 4.2V (Typ.). There is no extra circuit needed and it has all in one function to simplify product design & cost saving, it can be widely used f  
  • Super Flux Concave LED
    This concave package design allows the lighting designer to reduce the number of LEDs required and provide a more uniform and unique illuminated appearance than with other LED solutions. This is possible through the efficient optical-package design and high-current capabilities. The low-profile package can be easily c  
  • 0603 Dome Lens Chip LED
    This 0603 dome lens chip LED has low power consumption and has narrower viewing angle (35deg). It’s available in all colors.     
  • 8mm Premium Power LED
    This Premium Power LED is 3pcs of chip in series together to provide high lumen out, it has wide viewing angle(140deg) and delivers up to 55 lm.     
  • E10 AC/DC 24V Screw LED
    E10 AC/DC Screw LED Lamp is 2pcs of LED paralleled together in opposite direction and requires a resistor in series to permit direct connection to AC/DC 24V.   
  • AC LED
    AC LED is 2pcs of chip paralleled together in opposite direction to provide AC operation. It's available in different packages and colors.     
  • Intelligent Control RGB SMD
    This is a addressable RGB SMD with a control IC built right into the LED, you can set the color of each LED's red, green and blue component and control each LED individually. They’re great when you need a lot of color from not a lot of board space.   
  • Pastel Color LED
    Different from the traditional LED colors, this new series of pastel color LED is developed with new innovative colors, it’s available in through-hole, SMD and super flux LED packages.    
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